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Welcome to Schlaff Law Group PLLC.
Our Legal Team will provide the best legal service at the most affordable price. Because we are successful at meeting this goal, the result is true value for you in your time of need. Our professional family law attorneys will help you with any family-related questions, concerns, or legal situations. The lawyers at Schlaff Law Group focus on a variety of legal areas, such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, mediation, domestic violence, restraining orders, and more.

Schlaff Law Group, state-of-the art computer network, on-line legal research databases, voice over Internet protocol phone system, high speed Internet access, and voice activated transcription systems  all translate into efficiency and cost savings for you. The attorneys are connected to the office through wireless networks, so they are able to respond to clients' needs outside of office hours and on weekends when necessary. Schlaff Law Group also works with an extensive network of experts throughout Michigan in the fields of forensic divorce accounting, financial sector planning, fund management, investment banking, corporate law, divorce tax planning, real estate and business valuation appraisers, retirement-pension plan specialists, QDRO attorneys, psychologists and child custody evaluators

Professionalism and passion for family law

Schlaff Law Group is comprised of dedicated lawyers and staff who will treat you with courtesy and respect. Kari Schlaff, head legal counsel is well respected and practices with integrity. We take pride in being more than just a business; we are in this profession because it allows us to help people, children and families. We are passionate about the field of family law. The firm adheres to a professional office dress code because we believe our clients deserve to be represented by polished professionals at all times. Regardless of whether the firm's attorneys and staff are dealing with your spouse, opposing counsel or a judge, we know that first impressions are lasting.

The staff of Schlaff Law Group is also sensitive, discreet and non-judgmental when it comes to the numerous issues or causes surrounding a divorce. We have office procedures and policies in place to help protect client confidentiality. Where children are involved, Schlaff Law Group also pledges to view your children with the utmost importance, regardless of which parent brings the case to court, and to practice with your children's best interests in mind at all times. Your divorce is more than simply a matter of dividing assets — it is a critical decision with a tremendous impact on your life, as well as those around you.


"I have spent my whole career in the area of family law.  It is an area of law that I am very familiar with and think it one of the most important areas of law.  I enjoy working in this area as you get to help people through a difficult time in their life and that’s what I see my role as, not only as a lawyer but as someone here to guide you through a difficult time in your life and make sure you are prepared to move forward after the process is over."

                                                                                 Kari BSchlaff                 
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